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Lianyungang Headquarters:

There are more than 400 employees, including 2 doctors, more than 20 masters, and more than 80 R&D technicians with a bachelor's degree or above. Graduated from Nanjing University, Shandong University, Zhejiang University and other first-class institutions. Our company has a professional R&D team, excellent sales elites and enthusiastic front-line employees. At the same time, our company has established a sound quality management system and a safe and environmentally friendly operation mechanism to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

Quality Team :

There are more than 50 quality system personnel, all of whom graduated from colleges and universities with pharmacy-related majors. We have established a complete quality system, which puts strict controls from the quality of raw materials entering the factory and process control to finished product storage; we aim to provide high-quality products and services.

Safety, environmental team :

Our company attaches great importance to safety, environmental protection and occupational health. There are more than 30 staff engaged in safety and environmental protection, including 1 registered safety engineer; all products have passed the "three simultaneous procedures" of safety, environmental protection and occupational health, and obtained the legal acceptance procedures for fire protection to ensure compliance operation; our company introduced DCS automatic control system and SIS Instrument control system, personnel positioning and other systems to ensure maximum employment safety; our company regularly arranges employees to conduct occupational health examinations every year.

Sales team:

In the past three years, our company's sales revenue has continued to grow at an average growth rate of 80%. Among them, domestic sales account for 70%, and foreign sales account for 30%. The marketing personnel are all medical-related majors with a bachelor's degree and have a professional theoretical basis.

R & D team:

There are more than 60 employees, including 4 senior engineers, 2 doctors and more than 20 masters. We have established good industry-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang University, China Pharmaceutical University, Lanzhou University and other institutions. Our company has successively undertaken many provincial/municipal scientific and technological projects such as provincial/municipal achievement conversion, and obtained dozens of authorized invention patents and trademarks

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