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Yutian Pharmaceutical has successively undertaken several provincial/municipal scientific and technological projects such as provincial/municipal achievement transformation, and obtained dozens of authorized patents and trademarks, and got the certifications of ISO9000 and ISO14000. Our company spends 10-12% of sales revenue on R&D centers in Lianyungang and Hangzhou every year. Now, our R&D centers are equipped with international advanced scientific research equipment and analytical instruments, and can undertake the whole process of research work from project evaluation and establishment, API process research to quality standard formulation, as well as registration and approval, etc.

At present, Yutian Pharmaceutical's research and development ideas are expanding from "combination of imitation and innovation" to "combination of innovation and imitation", and constantly strengthen the innovation of independent intellectual property rights. We also increase investment in the field of biological drugs, focus on layout, and then form a good R&D innovation industry chain.

Innovation is the source of enterprise development. Under the promotion of several national policies to promote the accelerated development of the pharmaceutical industry, Yutian Pharmaceutical insists on leading the development with innovation, regards R&D innovation as the strategic basis for enterprise development, and has established a R&D team with a total number of more than 150 people. Up to now, Yutian has accumulated dozens of invention patents, and has successively won many honorary titles such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu Gazelle Enterprise", "City Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise", etc. With the deepening of the reform of the national medical and health system, the pace of corporate innovation is getting faster and faster. At present, in addition to the headquarters R&D center, our company has also established a R&D center in Hangzhou, which has laid a solid foundation for product and technological innovation, and provides a strong support for the realization of our company to get a scientific and sustainable development.

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