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Yutian Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to party building work. In 2015, a party branch was established to cooperate with the party organization of the Economic Development Zone to carry out work. With the advanced nature of the party and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, it positively affects the corporate culture and team building, and drives the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. At present, the company's party branch has more than 30 party members, and there is a Utian League branch, which has absorbed nearly 100 members.

In recent years, the party building work of Yutian Pharmaceutical has closely revolved around the enterprise development strategy, constantly innovating the ideas of party building work, and always insisting on "party building drives production" and "production cooperates with party building". Party members are distributed in many important positions such as R&D, production, marketing, and operation. The strong organizational strength makes the company not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, and each party member has also played a pioneering and exemplary role, and has been commended by the relevant higher-level departments for many times.

After the establishment of the Yutian Party Branch, the importance of party building work has been brought into full play, and it has been integrated with the production and operation of the enterprise, combined with the corporate culture, and also serves the enterprise, the production and operation, and the majority of employees. As long as there are production and business operations, there are party organizations and party activities. In all systems and positions, the party organization and party building work have achieved "full coverage".

For the future party building work, we will strengthen the theoretical study of party members and leading cadres, so that the learning has content and activities have a place. Only with a clear mind and a solid theory can we strengthen our political stance and allow the company to flourish.

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