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Jiangsu Yutian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

A well-known company in the fields of API and Intermediate

As a new characteristic API and CDMO pharmaceutical enterprises specializing in the development, production and sales of modern medicines, Jiangsu Yutian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality APIs and Intermediates to major pharmaceutical companies in China, and our products are also well sold in Europe, Japan, South Korea, India and other dozens of countries. Now, we are one of the key national high-tech enterprises of China, a small science and technology giant enterprise of the city, and a backbone enterprise of the new pharmaceutical industry base of China Pharmaceutical Port.

Yutian Pharmaceutical has always regarded scientific research and development as the supporting force for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

As one of Chinese pharmaceutical companies that invests more in scientific research, our company uses the Lianyungang R&D Center as the scientific research carrier, and cooperates with Hangzhou Kechao Biotechnology, Lianyungang Wanke Biotechnology and Heilongjiang Dinuo Pharmaceutical, thus our ability of independent innovation has been enhanced continuously, and a benign pattern of "One bring Three" has been formed. With two production bases in Lianyungang, Jiangsu and Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, Yutian Pharmaceutical now has been awarded as a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial engineering technology research center, a gazelle enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in Jiangsu Province, a second-level enterprise in safety standardization, and a provincial industrialization and informatization integration demonstration pilot enterprise; at the same time, our company has also obtained the two-in-one certification of GMP for API varieties and registration on-site verification, and has successively undertaken many provincial/municipal science and technology projects such as provincial/municipal achievement conversion; moreover, we also obtained dozens of authorized patents and trademarks and the certificates of ISO9000 and ISO14000. The achievement of these honors indicates that our pharmaceutical production quality and management level are at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry of China.
Oriented by customer needs, relying on excellent R&D and innovation capabilities and strong production and manufacturing capabilities, Yutian Pharmaceutical has invested in a batch of modern high-tech production equipment by using GMP approved purification plants and synthesis plants; through adopting various reaction equipment at harsh conditions (ranging from high-pressure 12MPA reaction to atmospheric pressure reaction, from cryogenic -100° reaction to high temperature +250° reaction, from gram level to tonnage level reaction), modern standard laboratory and advanced quality control center, we have good ability to produce high-quality API and Intermediate for major pharmaceutical companies.

In the future development, Yutian Pharmaceutical will continue to maintain the leading position in the fields of API and Intermediate; taking "providing high-quality products and services to customers" as goal, adhering to the development concept of "safety, environmental protection, innovation, efficiency and quality", we strive to promote the transformation of enterprises from API Intermediate to finished drugs, from chemical drugs to the combination of chemical and biological drugs, from imitation-innovation to innovation-led transformation, from domestic focus to domestic and foreign coordinated development; we aim to be an innovative and international pharmaceutical company.

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